Home Alone: Is It EVER Okay to Leave Your Baby Alone?

Michelle is in an argument with her friend, Danielle, because Michelle left her baby home alone.

June 9, 2016
Crying Baby

Danielle and Michelle have been friends for 20 years, but they are in a fight right now. Danielle thinks Michelle is a horrible parent! Michelle has a 9 month old baby, and she hasn’t spent any time with her husband since the birth of her baby. Michelle thought it would be okay if she and her husband went out for dinner while the baby was sleeping. The restaurant is only three minutes away from the house, so Michelle said she can monitor the baby from her phone. Danielle is losing her mind, she doesn’t agree with Michelle's decision at all. Would you ever leave your baby at home?

Our listener, Suzanne, agrees with Michelle, she actually empathizes with her decision.  Another caller, Marie, said, “I don’t think it’s the worst thing in the world, they have the Wi-Fi”. 

But, most of our callers completely agreed with Jenn. It is dangerous to ever leave your child alone, anything could happen in the 3 minutes it would take for Michelle to get home. They also agreed with Jeff's point of what if Michelle was in a car accident on her way home to the baby.