Hi, It's Marino!

March 11, 2016

Hello! It’s Marino!  I do have a first name… It’s Mike.  But since we have a few Mikes that work at Star 94.1, we just use “Marino”!  If you listened on your ride home every weekday, I was the host of the afternoon show for two and a half years.  Then opportunity knocked…  So I answered!  I’m now the Executive Producer of the Jeff and Jenn Morning Show.  Needless to say, I’m still working on getting up at 3:30am, but I’m getting used to it!  Jeff even got me an alarm clock for my birthday.

I sit behind a bunch of controls, drink a lot of coffee and break up any fights that may occur between Jeff and Jenn!  Born and raised in New York, I had two options when it came to sports teams: Yankees & Giants, or leave the house (I’ll cheer on the Braves and the Falcons as well though)!!

I’m excited to hang out with you every morning and we always look forward to hearing from you!  After all, you’re the one that makes our show successful.  So call in/text/Facebook/#Hashtag/Tweet/Instagram us often!

- Marino