Hi! I'm Jeff Dauler

Jeff Dauler says hi!

March 3, 2016
Jeff Dauler

Matt Berinato

I used to work at another station in town, but now I work at Star94.1. I'll be one of the hosts on the new Star morning show, The Jeff and Jenn Show. I'm pretty excited to be here, and still kind of think it's all an awesome dream.

Star is a legendary station, both in Atlanta (it's been around in some form since the mid-70's) and in the radio industry (Ryan Seacrest started his radio career at Star!)  Being a part of this is fantastic on both a personal (I love Atlanta so much) and professional (I love Ryan Seacrest so much) level.

I have three goals as this new show ramps up: 

            1.  Make you laugh so you start your day in a good mood.

            2.  Throw a little positive energy into the universe.

            3.  Teach the world the difference between 'your' and 'you're.'

If you have any suggestions about the new show, thoughts about random stuff, or just want to say 'hi,' please drop me a note: [email protected]. Would love to hear from you.

Star 94.1 is also letting me text you guys whenever I want, about whatever I want. If you want to take our relationship to THAT level, sign up here.

And one last thing:  The most startling and unexpected noise a koala makes is a sound like a loud snore and then a belch, known as a 'bellow.' Here is a video of a koala doing just that, and you will not regret clicking this link one bit.

Have a great day,