Helping With Hypnosis: Sean Wheeler In-Studio

After treating Producer Jeannine for her hair-pulling compulsion, Hypnotist Sean Wheeler joins us to talk about treatment. Hopefully we'll get to help another listener as well!

July 26, 2017

Our Producer Jeannine has been struggling with a hair-pulling compulsion, formally called Trichotillomania, for most of her life. It was critically damaging to her self-esteem in high school and has been a struggle for years afterward even with serious attempts to stop. Until the Jeff & Jenn Show stepped in to offer help! Jeff and Jenn have known Hypnotist Sean Wheeler for years, he even helped Jenn stop smoking. So they sent Jeannine to Sean for 3 sessions of hypnotherapy and she just finished yesterday. Jeannine says that Sean has helped her so much in just a couple of weeks and that she hasn't felt this secure or confident in a very long time, and she said it's changed her life in a way she never really thought was possible before. 

We thought Jeannine's hair-pulling was a rare issue, but after talking about it a lot of people reached out to say they struggled with it as well. Sean has successfully treated a number of strange compulsions, and the Jeff & Jenn Show would love to find someone with an uncommon issue, send them to Sean, and follow their story like we did with Jeannine. If you think you'd like to be considered for this, please email Jeannine your story at

Check out our in-studio talk with Sean here! All about how treatment works, Jeannine's success story, as well as the stranger things Sean's seen in his 13 years of hypnosis.

If you're interested in Hypnosis, would like more information, or want to reach out to Sean yourself, you can do so through his website

If you'd like to catch up with Jeannine's journey, you can listen to the full audio here: