Gorilla Controversy: Was the Right Call Made?

A little boy got in the gorilla habitat at the Cincinnati Zoo, and the gorilla was shot and killed.

May 31, 2016

A 4 year old kid climbed into a gorilla closure at a Cincinnati Zoo, and the gorilla, Harambe, got ahold of him and dragged him through the moat.  As a result, zoo officials killed Harambe. This tragic situation has sparked so much controversy, people are upset because officials killed the gorilla, who is an endangered species.  People are blaming the mom for not paying attention to her child and others are blaming the zoo officials.

Just like everyone else around the country, our listeners had some strong opinions on what happened and what should have happened. Do Americans value animal life more than human life?  Was the incident caused by lack of parenting or a kid just being a kid?