Gina and Brad: Emotional Security vs. Financial Security

Gina wants Jeff and Jenn's help in talking to her boyfriend, Brad, about where their relationship is going.

May 12, 2016
Worried in Relationship

Gina wants Jeff and Jenn's help to find out where her relationship with Brad is going. They have been dating for a year and she loves him, but he hasn't given any hint that he wants to marry her and she doesn't want to waste her time.

Jeff and Jenn get Brad on the phone to talk to him about Gina's concerns. While Brad says he loves Gina, he isn't close to being ready to get married. He has always pictured himself not getting married until he's 35 because he has goals he wants to accomplish first.

After Gina heard Brad talk about his plan, she wasn't too happy on hearing she may have to wait. But our listeners overwhelmingly agreed that it is wrong of Gina to put that kind of pressure on Brad after only a year of dating.