Ghost Hunting: Why Can't We Be Friends?

Lindsey has a ghost hunting situation that is a lot different than the ones Jenn has done before.

May 11, 2016

Are you allowed to remain friends with your sibling's ex after they break up? That is the dilemma Lindsey is in. Her brother had an awesome girlfriend named Kelly, and Lindsey really liked her. But after they broke up, Kelly and Lindsey stopped hanging out.

Update 2: We tell Lindsey how Kelly feels about reviving their friendship & she totally understands Kelly's reaction. What's Lindsey's plan going forward? Is she going to reach out to Kelly anyway?

Update: We reached out to Kelly after her ex's sister, Lindsey, wanted to rekindle their friendship. After speaking with Kelly we're not too sure how she feels about being Lindsey's friend. 

Lindsey wants to know what happened to her and if they could be friends again, so Jenn is on the hunt!