Ghost Hunting for Stephanie

Stephanie met Darren only a day and a half ago and she already wants us to ghost hunt for her.

August 9, 2016
Ghost Hunting

Justina Pierce

UPDATE: It’s pretty clear after talking to Darren that one of these two isn’t telling the whole story. He says he never got the texts, and even more, he says he didn’t even remember meeting a girl named Stephanie! Talk about an ego killer. Jeff thinks he’s got this one figured out, but Jenn and the rest of us are as confused as ever.

Stephanie really didn’t want her instincts to be right about Darren, but at least she got some closure. Now she can move on and look forward to finding better guys, and hopefully they’ll have a better memory too!

They only met 36 hours ago and Darren hasn't responded to Stephanie's text messages since they exchanged numbers. Stephanie wants to know what's up but, uhh, is this ghost hunting or are we stalking someone?!