Ghost Hunting: Shannon Bullied Kimberly and Wants to Apologize

Shannon bullied Kimberly growing up, and she feels horrible and wants to apologize to her.

June 8, 2016
Ghost Hunting

Justina Pierce

Update! We found Kimberly & no surprise here, she has ZERO interest in speaking with former bully Shannon. Like, zero. Kimberly said Shannon is "an awful human being" and a "horrible bully that has affected her life since she was 11." Yowza. But we don't blame her, bullies suck! Girl, bye.

We touched base with Shannon to let her know that Kimberly is not interested in reconnecting with her in any way, shape, or form. Shannon says she gets it and then tells us why she was such a bully back in the day. Still, there's no excuse for bullying. Ever. Was this a genuine attempt by Shannon to apologize for Kimberly's own well being or was this a selfish act of "suddenly I feel bad & I want to say sorry to make myself feel better?" Did Kimberly make the right choice by shutting down the conversation or is she holding on to anger she could let go? Let us know what YOU think! 

Shannon wants us to find Kimberly, a woman she bullied all through middle school. Shannon is older now with her own children, and her children are now being affected by bullying. So, Shannon has realized that bullying can have long term affect and wants to try to make amends.