Ghost Hunting: Matthew Disappeared on Karen

Karen needs Jeff and Jenn's help after being ghosted by Matthew after going on 3 dates.

August 17, 2016
Ghost Hunting

Justina Pierce

UPDATE: So this just so much got crazier than anyone could have guessed. Matthew apparently thinks it’s totally cool to compete with friends to see who can con their dates out of the most money/free food! For anyone currently in the dating game, listen up and learn what to watch out for from this cautionary tale because this guy takes “fun and games” way too literally.

Go Caren, go! Caren didn’t hesitate to say what we were all thinking about Matthew, that he’s total scum, good riddance, and a few others that may not have been as nice.  He may have even ruined another of Caren’s friendships! The whole thing really is mind-boggling, but at least now we know one more con to look out for.

Most of our callers were totally on Karen's side, they couldn't believe how much of a jerk he is. They even thought it could be illegal. Well, it turns out that a version of that least for one of our listeners. She went out with a con artist who is now in jail partly for what he did to her.

The ghoster has now become the ghostee! Karen is looking for Matthew after they went on 3 dates and then he disappeared. She's done this to guys before, but this is the first time it's happened to her. She met him on Bumble, and she thought the dates went well. She said she didn't see any signs at all that the dates weren't good or he wasn't interested anymore.