Ghost Hunting: Mandy Wants to Find Her High School Sweetheart

Mandy came to Georgia for college and never went back home. Now that she's divorced, she wants to find her high school sweetheart.

August 23, 2016
Ghost Hunting

Justina Pierce

UPDATE: Jeff and Jenn were able to get David on the phone, and he clearly remembers Mandy. Since high school, David has become the chief of staff for a lawmaker in DC. But, he just got married. Which is great for him, but not so much for Mandy. But he still wants to get in touch with Mandy, he's been thinking a lot about her. He tells Jeff and Jenn that they could get in touch and maybe grab coffee or do something "platonic". 

Jenn doesn't think they should give Mandy his number because he still has a thing for Mandy, and they don't want to break up a new marriage. But, Mandy still wants to reach out to him and become friends. Even though Jeff and Jenn won't give her David's number, she says she can still reach out to him on Facebook. Uh oh. 

Mandy is now divorced and is wondering what happened to her high school sweetheart, David. They went to school in Virginia together, and she came to Georgia for college and never looked back. Now that she's single, she wants Jeff and Jenn to track him down so she can reconnect with him to see if he's available.