Ghost Hunting: Kelly Searches for Brandon

Kelly met Brandon at a party while she was still with her now ex-BF. Since they aren't together anymore, she wants to find Brandon.

July 26, 2016
Ghost Hunting

Justina Pierce

UPDATE: We got in touch with Brandon and turns out he does remember Kelly, but unfortunately for her he’s still in a relationship. He said it was starting to get serious, but then turned around and said it was still totally cool if Kelly got his number! He said that talking as friends was still okay as long as everyone is “chill” about it. Jenn really doesn’t seem to feel quite as chill about it though, so it looks like we may need to get some caller feedback to decide if we should give Kelly his number.

We’ve just confirmed that Brandon is still with his girlfriend, but that he’d still be cool with Kelly contacting him. So what’s Kelly’s response? She says she doesn’t want to mess with Brandon’s relationship, BUT she still felt a connection and wants to “tie up loose ends” at the very least. However, she seems to have a lot of explanation to back herself up. Jeff & Jenn are calling BS though! It’s all up to the callers now.

All of our callers think Kelly is ridiculous for wanting to still meet up with Brandon, even though Kelly said they'd just be "friends". Yeah right! Almost all of them think that Jeff and Jenn shouldn't give her Brandon's phone number, but not every listener agrees with that.

Our listener Kelly told us about a guy named Brandon she met last fall at a party and wants to know if we can help find him. Kelly was dating someone else at the party when they met & so was Brandon but she's single now and thinks, based on how great their conversation was, they could have a connection. She tried finding Brandon on social media but didn't have any luck. The other party-goers who might know more about Brandon are also mutual friends with her ex, so Kelly doesn't think reaching out to them would be a good idea. That's where we come in. Tune in Tuesday morning to see if we can find Brandon & what he has to say about Kelly.