Ghost Hunting: Josh Wants to Find Old Flame Rebecca

While Josh was separated from his wife, he dated Rebecca and she disappeared once he got back with his wife.

May 3, 2016
Ghosthunting - Josh & Rebecca

While on a break with his wife, Josh met Rebecca. They dated, had a special relationship, & Josh even says Rebecca HELPED him get back together with his wife. Then, Rebecca disappeared & Josh feels like she used him. Josh says they had a special connection & wants to know why she hasn’t responded to him. Most recent updates are on top! Scroll to the bottom and work your way up to experience this story from the beginning.

We broke the news to Josh and we explained Rebecca's disappearance and her view of their whole relationship.

We spoke with Rebecca who had a much different take on the situation. Check out what she thought the relationship with Josh was, why she told him they could stay friends even after he got back with his wife, & why she disappeared after.

Josh separated from his wife, and he started to date Rebecca. After he got back with his wife, Rebecca disappeared even though she said they'd remain friends.