Ghost Hunting: Ian Wants to Ghost Hunt for His Wife

This ghost hunting is a little different because Ian is doing it for his wife!

June 21, 2016
Ghost Hunting

Justina Pierce

UPDATE 2: Ian was shocked that Margo was the reason Jillian was fired, he had no idea that had happened. He'd asked Jillian why they fell out of touch, and she would just change the subject. So, it doesn't look like he is going to try to reunite Margo and Jillian any time soon. He doesn't want to ruin his wife's 40th birthday.

UPDATE: Jenn got in touch with Margo, the former mentor of Ian's wife, Jillian. He wants to surprise Jillian for her 40th by getting Margo to come to the party! But it looks like she won't be attending because, unbeknownst to Ian, Margo was the reason his wife got fired from her job!!

Ian is looking for a person that he has technically never met. The person ghosted on his wife, Jillian! He’s trying to put together his wife’s 40th birthday, and he wants to make it really special. She sometimes mentions a friend she lost contact with right out of college that mentored her, and he only has a first name. So, he wants to surprise his wife for her birthday and find her former mentor!