Ghost Hunting: I Was Kidnapped!

Amber was kidnapped as a child but is looking to find a friend she had while kidnapped.

May 25, 2016
Missing Child

Update: Jeff & Jenn found Amber's childhood friend, Victoria! When we filled her in on Amber's situation she was shocked. Victoria said she & her family left for a vacation one day & when they came back Amber was gone, which she thought was strange. Now that Victoria knows the real story she wants to reconnect with Amber so they can talk with one another and connect some dots from the past.

When we spoke with Amber she was amazed & couldn't wait to catch up with Victoria. She also said she'd keep us posted on any future reunions with Victoria. Talk about the best Ghosthunting story yet!

Amber lived in a small town in Ohio when her parents got divorced, so her dad kidnapped her from her mom. While she was with her dad, she only had one friend because they had to keep things quiet. Now that she is an adult, she wants Jenn's help in finding her friend, Victoria, the one friend she had while she was kidnapped and living with her dad.