Ghost Hunting: Has Enough Time Passed?

Heather was friends with Anna until she stabbed her in the back but she wants to be friends again.

May 18, 2016
Cheating Couple

UPDATE 2: Heather listened to Chris's call and her reaction was less than perfect. Is this girl wack or is that just us thinking out loud??

UPDATE: Jeff & Jenn reached out to Anna but she got cold feet and we spoke to Chris, her husband, instead. Check out why Anna got cold feet, what her hubby has to say about the situation.

Heather was best friends with Anna until Heather drunkenly made out with Anna's boyfriend at a bar. Well, Anna ended up marrying that boyfriend and they haven't seen Heather since that night. It's been 10 years and Heather thinks it's time to reach back out to Anna to see if they can be friends again, and she wants Jenn's help.