Ghost Hunting: Follow Up with Angelina & Mr. Jacobs

Angelina finally met up with Mr. Jacobs but was it what she was hoping for?

November 28, 2016

For the first time ever we followed up with one of our Ghost Hunting stories. Remember Angelina who told us about a crush she still had on one of her teachers from back in High School, Mr. Jacobs? We found the guy & he creeped everyone out except Angelina. (Didn't hear the original story? Check it out in full right here.)

We followed up with Angelina to see if she still wanted to meet up with creepy Mr. Jacobs or not.

We checked in with Angelina again today to see if she was going to follow through with her original plan.

Angelina followed through & met up with Mr. Jacobs but was it everything she chalked it up to be?