Ghost Hunting: Does My Husband Have a Baby?

Alyssa needs Jeff and Jenn's help because she doesn't know if her husband has another kid.

June 28, 2016
Pregnancy Test

UPDATE: We were able to connect with Brittany! She did not have a baby, she left Georgia because her dad lost his job. However, she did sound very excited when Chris name was brought up.​ And when Jeff asked if she wanted to reconnect with Chris, she was all for it! But Jenn shut it down pretty quickly.

UPDATE 2: Alyssa is SO relieved that her husband doesn't have a baby with Brittany. Alyssa said she had no idea how anxious she really was until she found out there wasn't a baby out there, she says a weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

What if you found out your summer fling disappeared, had a baby, & never told you about it? Wait, no. No one would do this, would they? Listener Alyssa is worried her husband may have a child he doesn't know about with a former summer fling. Alyssa found out from her sister-in-law her husband had a fling with a girl named Brittany 10 or 11 years before they were married. Her sister-in-left because she was pregnant. Uh oh. Alyssa wants us to track down Brittany so can find out the facts. Does her husband have a kid out there? And if so, would this affect their marriage?