Ghost Hunting: Charlie Thinks Mark is Avoiding Her

Charlie went on two dates with Mark but can't seem to nail him down. So, she needs Jenn's help!

June 15, 2016
Ghost Hunting

Justina Pierce

UPDATE 2: It's safe to say Charlie's confused. Who is this other girl & why would Mark be dating if he's interested in someone else?

UPDATE: We talked with Mark & it looks like he's got his eyes on another girl, who Charlie knows....OUCH.

Our listener Charlie went on a couple dates with a guy, Mark, and said they had a great time, but now he's brushing her off. WTH? Charlie wants us to reach out to Mark to figure out what went wrong and why he's blowing her off. Jeff & Jenn give Charlie a warning about what might be the reason & to be prepared to hear something she might not like.... ruh-roh.