Ghost Hunting – Brian Looks for a Missing Employee

Brian needs Jeff and Jenn's help looking for an employee who just bailed on her shift.

July 5, 2016
Bad Waitress

UPDATE: We found Millennial Mandy and asked her why she missed her shift. Mandy told us the whole “had to babysit last minute” lie, too, so we had to call her out about her Instagram posts…Whoops, BUSTED. Apparently Millennial Mandy thinks her Instagram (which is open to the public) shouldn’t be used against her. Ummm, wait... Is this making sense to anyone else?! Because we’re over here like, just own up to lying and give millennials a better rep! Sheeeesh!

UPDATE 2: Brian was listening the entire time Jeff and Jenn were on the phone with Mandy, and he is extremely frustrated. Her entitlement is astounding and that’s what it’s like employing 20-somethings in the world today. So, he’s going to talk with his manager but encourage that a policy be put in place for an employee not showing up for a shift. If you don’t show up, you’re fired.

Brian owns a restaurant and needs Jeff and Jenn’s help. He’s a small business owner and one of his employees, Mandy, has been a great employee and never missed a shift. But, she was supposed to work this past Saturday from 4 p.m. to close and she never showed up. He knows she’s okay because management called her, and she said she had to do a last minute babysitting job for her mom. But, Brian saw her Instagram and she definitely wasn’t babysitting in those pics. He wants to keep her because she’s been such a good employee, but he wants to hear the story from her mouth rather than him assuming she just ditched work for fun.