Final Destination: It Was Meant to Be

Jeff had a near miss in life, and it made him wonder if he was lucky or if it was fate.

June 22, 2016
Flat Tire

Ever felt like you dodged a bullet? Like something told you, "hey you..take three steps to the right," & then BAM a tree falls right where you were standing before?? Our own Jeff Dauler had a date with fate on Monday morning. He's been offering to take his fiancee, Callie's car in for a long over-due oil change. He wasn't sure why, but things kept popping up (or falling into place?) which delayed him taking her car in. Jeff finally drove her car to work on Monday morning so he could take it to the shop after the show. On the way to the work one of the tires on Callie's car exploded, the car jerked to the left, & Jeff ended up in oncoming traffic. Yikes! But it was 4AM so the roads were clear & there was zero traffic. Talk about lucky! Or was it? Could it have been fate?? Jeff 100% thinks something conspired to make it where he would be driving her car when the tire exploded. I mean, he makes a good point. Jeff drives in the morning when no one is on the roads & Callie takes a major interstate with heavy traffic. If this happened while she was driving we don't even want to think of how horrific that could have been.

As Jeff shared his story, listeners called in with their experiences & we heard some crazy stories. Luck or fate? You decide.