The Falcons' New Fan-First Menu is Coming!

The Falcons just announced that they are going to have a fan-first menu at their concession stands.

May 19, 2016
Atlanta Falcons

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

During a press conference about the new Atlanta Falcons stadium, the team’s owner Arthur Blank along with president Rich McKay announced some great new features for the stadium’s concessions:

ATL Grill Concessions Stand
Alison Blue

Food and drink at a low, low cost: Soda, water, pretzels, or hot dogs all for just $2 each. For just one dollar more you can upgrade to waffle fries, nachos, or pizza. A 12-oz domestic beer and cheeseburger run for $5 each, and only $6 for chicken tenders and fries. Blank said he wanted to make sure the games were financially accessible for all families and that these prices are set to stay for the foreseeable future.

Freedom from change: All of the prices already include tax and are rounded to the dollar. Paying with cash is easy and free from jangling pocket change problems.

Self-serve soda with bottomless refills: Not only are the prices low, but now there’s no more waiting in long concession stands just to get a refill on your soda either. There will be an additional refill station separated from the main concession stand that allows customers to bring their emptied cups to refill as much as they may need.

Local flair to be featured throughout: The new stadium will feature food from local restaurants to add variety to your options. No restaurants have been named yet, but there are already five local spots set to sell food, with plans to include at least four or five more. There will be a full list of participating restaurants released in mid-Summer.

Fresh and Healthy food: For those of you who want the traditional game experience without the traditional greasy food, Blank and McKay announced that there will be a large variety of healthy and organic fresh foods available to enjoy as an alternative.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium Food Truck
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