Disinvited to a Wedding: Should Kat Do It?

Kat wants to disinvite a former coworker who she invited to her wedding before the coworker was fired.

May 27, 2016
Mad Bride

How exactly do you go about UN-inviting someone to your wedding? Listener Kat called us and she needs to uninvite a former co-worker who has already RSVP'd. Uh oh, this could be awkward. This co-worker always caused drama, so much so that she was fired. Kat wants to avoid any drama at her wedding, but she doesn't know if she can bring herself to disinvite that former co-worker.

Our listeners called in to voice their opinion on what Kat should do. Some told her to avoid the drama, and one caller shared that she had to disinvite her own mother from her wedding!