Destiny or Creepy: Jenn Gets Cassandra On the Phone

After talking with Alex and Travis about the email Travis sent to find a girl, Jenn gets that girl on the phone. It's Cassandra!

April 25, 2016
Destiny or Creepy

Alex called in to the Jeff and Jenn Show because she got an email from a guy named Travis, he was asking about a girl she had posted a picture of on Instagram. Her name is Cassandra, and according to Travis, she has all the qualities he's been looking for in a girl that he had in mind since he was little, and the fact that her name is Cassandra is better because that's the name he's always had in mind for his picture perfect girl. The problem is though, he is engaged! Jenn got ahold of Cassandra to give her all the details and see if she'd be interested in meeting Travis.