David About Town: Who Said It, Donald Trump or Kanye West?

July 22, 2016
Donald Trump

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

This weeks edition of David About Town is all about Donald Trump VS. Kanye West - who said it?! Producer David went out and quoted both of the guys and people had to try and guess which one said what. Surprisingly, it's hard to differentiate between Kanye & Trump. Did I say surprisingly?! Wait, no. Maybe not surprisingly at all because even Jeff & Jenn had a hard time trying to figure out who said what.

There were so many crazy quotes that we had to play another round! Jeff tried to redeem himself in trying to tie it up, but Jenn was on top of her Donald or Kanye Game! It really is crazy how difficult this game can be! So here is Round 2 of Who Said It: Donald Trump or Kanye West!