Cutthroat Women at Work: Mary's Drama with Her Mentor

Mary is up against her mentor for a job promotion, and she doesn't know whether to throw her under the bus or not.

July 20, 2016
Women in the Office

UPDATE: Remember Mary from last week? She wanted a new job but in order to get it she'd have to throw a co-worker on the bus? We checked in with her this morning & Mary told us she didn't throw her co-worker under the bus & someone else in the office got the job. Bummer. But Jenn gave Mary some words of wisdom saying it was probably best she didn't bash her co-worker to try and get the job because it probably wouldn't have put her in the best light - right?! Right.

Mary has a cutthroat female co-worker, and it turns out it's her mentor! A job opportunity came up in the city she would love to work in, but her mentor is also up for the position. A lot of the executives are men, so her mentor has told her to never tell them that she wants kids and has heard her mentor talk about how she herself doesn't want kids. Well, Mary is friends with her mentor's sister, and the sister told her that the mentor really DOES want kids. Mary's husband has told her to bring it up around the execs and throw her under the bus, but Mary doesn't know if that's the way she should go. Jeff agrees with her husband, but Jenn thinks she should stay true to her mentor and not bring it up because she's not even 100% sure that information was true.

Since Jeff and Jenn are split on what Mary should do, they got our listeners to weigh in and give Mary their advice. Jenn says it's a woman code and you don't talk about people's personal business to the bosses or coworkers. Dina called in to say that if money was that important to Mary, she shouldn't be calling this woman a mentor. Amanda is an executive herself and has 3 kids, and she said she was promoted WHILE PREGNANT. So, Amanda says Mary should get a new mentor for telling her she shouldn't have kids. She also said to stay far away from playing the game because it won't work out well for her. 

Every listener calling in agrees with Jenn. Mary shouldn't betray her coworker just to get the promotion. This conversation has made Kelsey's blood boil, she says Mary shouldn't throw her mentor under the bus because the mentor didn't do that to Mary when the opportunity arose. She should focus on herself and rely on her own skills and experience to get that promotion.