Charlie Puth says 'sorry' to Justin Bieber

March 14, 2016

Charlie Puth shocked fans after saying “F— You, Justin Bieber” at a live performance of his song, "We Don’t Talk Anymore" in Dallas on Friday. Charlie later apologized on Twitter for his off-handed comment that he intended to be a joke. The 24-year old then quickly deleted those tweets.

Charlie spoke publicly about the incident for the first time with The Jeff and Jenn Show of Star 94.1 in Atlanta today saying, “I’m glad we are bringing this up too.  I have absolutely no Bieber beef. I’m actually…Justin is one of the reasons why I started uploading YouTube videos. I used to see him singing on the coach and being all cutesy and everything.  I was like… I want to be successful like that, too. It was me honestly being overly facetious and trying… it sounded funny in my head.  And the moment I said it I’m like, “Why on earth did I just say that?”  I’m not trying to be funny now, I was like “Why on earth did I just say that?”  I should just like stop being a comedian honestly and just stick to the music because I definitely offended a lot of people and I felt… I’ve been feeling really bad for the past couple of days.  I’m sorry.  I really have nothing against him. I really am a huge fan.”