Can't Believe I Don't Know...

Jeff's friend admitted she doesn't know how a dam works. So we wondered what the things you don't know that you probably should.

August 3, 2016
Confused Adult

You're a grown up. You should know things. And if you don't know things, there comes a point where you can't ask about them anymore without looking foolish. Like Jeff's friend, who after an afternoon of drinking wine, admitted that she doesn't know how a dam - you know the things on lake that hold water back? - works.

We asked for your ignorant adult confessions and you guys didn't disappoint. Bree called about her roommate who didn't know the phrase 24/7, and Lynn in Marietta didn't know the phrase "to make ends meet". She thought the "meet" was "meat"! But the funniest one had to be Kaitlyn in Stone Mountain. She literally learned yesterday that Jiffy Lube is NOT a Chinese restaurant!