Bridesmaid’s Plan to Save Her Friend’s Marriage

Lauren was part of her best friend's wedding, and now they're having marriage trouble. So she wants to help.

August 1, 2016

THE SAGA CONTINUES: The hubby sent the flowers, the bestie got them, and Lauren gave us an update on her besties reaction. It wasn't great but it wasn't bad either. Check out what happened right here and stay tuned for another update this week.

We got another update from Lauren, who is secretly helping her best friend's husband to try and save their marriage. After their original idea for a fun date went sour, the hubby opened up to Lauren and told her he hadn't done a nice gesture, like buy flowers, for his wife in over ten years. TEN YEARS. He's going to send flowers to the house with a sweet note that says, "To my best friend & most beautiful woman I've ever met. I love you." Hopefully this shows Lauren's bestie that her husband is trying! We'll keep you updated when we hear back from Lauren. Fingers crossed, lets save this marriage!

We talked to Lauren this morning, who helped her besties husband set up a fun date over the weekend hoping it'd help relieve some of the stress in the marriage, to see how it went....unfortunately it didn't go as planned. Lauren thinks it's because her bestie isn't use to her husband putting forth this kind of effort anymore but Lauren was quick to remind her that he's trying now. With a little more help we think (& hope!) their marriage can get back on track. 

Lauren put her plan in motion, and it seems to be working! She gave her friend's husband the idea about taking her friend on a date and give her a little more attention. So, she is waiting to see how the date goes before she tries to be a "spy" any further, but she'll continue her devious ways if it works!

Lauren had a girls’ weekend with a lot of wine and one of her best girlfriends confessed that her marriage is falling apart. Her friend feels like her husband is just going through the motions. He used to cook surprise dinners for her and turn the house into a restaurant, but he doesn’t do that anymore. Lauren was in their wedding, and she feels like she pledged to be there for them. So she doesn’t want to let it go, she wants to try to help them and maybe reach out to the husband (without her friend’s knowledge) to see what she can do to help save their marriage. She can be the “spy” to let him know what he can do better to improve their relationship, and Jenn thinks it’s genius, but Jeff thinks she may be meddling a bit too much. But they do both agree that her friend can NEVER find out about this.