Breaking and Entering

We want to help Santa pull off a Christmas Miracle to a family that needs it most.

December 11, 2017

UPDATE: Well, we did it! We broke, we entered and we made Christmas happen where it wasn't going to happen this year. That's about all we can tell you about it. Watch how it all went down here:

Listen to the show relive the whole experience the next morning: 

UPDATE: The presents are wrapped! We had a wonderful time at Ackerman Security in Norcross, along with the Ackerman Security Elves, wrapping all the presents and items that we'll be sneaking in and dropping off at the family's apartment! Check out the video here!

UPDATE: The shopping is complete!

Check out the video here:

UPDATE: We found a family to give the gift of Christmas! Although their story is hard to hear, we couldn't think of a more deserving family to help Santa out with. We are SO excited about this it gives us goosebumps! 

UPDATE: We just got a call from Ackerman Security that could change everything.

Sometimes Christmas can be hard to find for some families, and sometimes Santa needs a little help. That's why this year, the Jeff & Jenn Show wants to find a family in need and give them the Christmas we know they deserve! We're not sure about the details quite yet, but we know we can do this.