Behind The Scenes at Jingle Jam with The Jeff & Jenn Show

December 9, 2016
Behind The Scenes at Jingle Jam

Jeff Dauler… the 12th biggest name at Jingle Jam!

Beth Keener and Greer Howard get down to business with Jeff Dauler of the The Jeff and Jenn Show to talk about the incredible year he’s had launching the show with his best friend, Jenn Hobby. And as we start to round out the year, he discusses where the show is now and what goals they have moving forward. He also reveals which Jingle Jam artist he’s most looking forward to seeing LIVE!

What’s got Jenn feeling so awesome? ​

Beth Keener and Greer Howard break it down with Jenn Hobby behind the scenes at Jingle Jam! It’s been an up and down year… with the launch of the Jeff and Jenn Show and then the news Jenn’s daughter Reese having cancer… Jenn talks about staying positive and the overwhelming community support that’s been shown by both listeners and colleagues. If your’e going thru a tough journey of any kind this video is inspiring! We love Jenn so much and we know you do too!

How much coffee does JP need each morning? ​

Greer Howard talks to JP, the show director for The Jeff and Jenn Show about working with the amazing personalities that make the show so entertaining each and every day. Plus, he reveals his favorite moment from the cast thus far… and gives a preview of a secret that will come to light by the end of the night! If you’ve seen his Jingle Jam proposal, then you’ll really enjoy seeing JP on tape before the BIG moment.

Oops.. Jenn Hobby LOST Kelly Cheese’s phone number? ​

Greer Howard got a few moments with Kelly Cheese of the Jeff and Jenn Show to discuss how she first meet Jenn Hobby and ultimately landed a Executive Producer role on the show. Her story is an example how anything is possible with a little luck and a lot of talent!