Bailing as An Adult

We've all wanted to do it, we get so stressed that we want to just leave. Well, some people have actually done it!

July 22, 2016
Stressed Out

Have you ever been so stressed out, fed up, anxiety ridden, & over it that you just bailed? What was it that made you just dip out? Your job, your kids, your significant other? What. Was. IT???Jenn told us a story about a mom that went on a beach vacation by herself for five days and left her two kids & hubby at home because she was stressed and fed up. She needed ME time so she decided, within 24 hours, to just take off. Selfish or nah?! Jeff knew a guy who worked at an ad agency and one day decided he was done. He left work early, walked into a Panera Bread Co. & found a manager panicked because his employees called in sick. Same guy threw on a Panera apron & helped the manager out & now he's managing his own Panera. Fate or what?!?!

Our listeners called in and told us stories about how they couldn't adult anymore & bailed too. One caller said she was fed up with her "weird Amish lifestyle in the city" with her family (HA!) so she hopped on a plane, flew to Cali, & chilled for four weeks...! But one caller got Producer Kelly Cheese fired up when she told us she bailed on her retail job....on BLACK FRIDAY! WTH?! Kelly Cheese went through the same thing when the previous store manager decided to bail on Black Friday & it was just her & one other employee the entire day. In our listeners defense, she told us her manager was awful... Which we can all relate to at some point in our lives. I mean, let's be honest, who hasn't dreamed of just bailing on a bad job?!