Bad Moms #ParentingForReal

After Jenn saw the hilarious film, Bad Moms, she thought it was time for another round of #ParentingForReal!

July 29, 2016
Kid in Ball Pit

Let's be honest, Jenn is sick and tired of the perfect pictures of your kids on social media. She's tired of all the smiling, perfectly clean, happy family photos. After seeing the movie Bad Moms, she's ready for some bad mom stories! It's time for #ParentingForReal. 

Our first mom called in and told us about times (yeah, multiple) she's left her baby's diaper dirty on purpose because she knew her husband would be home soon and he'd change it. Yuck - but, at the same time, strategic. Or how about the mom who told us her daughter pooped in her own hair and she just cut it off. Our favorite, by far, was the mom who took her kid to a birthday party, and he kept telling on everyone in the ball pit. She knows no one likes a tattletale so she screamed across the party, "Don't worry about the other kids balls, play with your own balls! Just stop worrying and play with your own balls!" We're pretty sure the other parents were either laughing inside or calling the cops. That's #ParentingForReal.