Alone Together

A song for those of you who don't really know WHAT your relationship with someone else is.

February 11, 2019

We teamed up with Alex Guthrie to create a Valentine's Day song for those people that are sorta in a relationship... but don't really know if the other person feels the same.... and they aren't really sure how to address it. It's titled 'Alone Together' and it's the perfect song to play for that other person when you need to figure out WHAT IS HAPPENING.

Alex is also partnering with the charity Enduring Hearts. The charity partners with top research insitutions in order to unlock the key to transplant longevity and imporved quality of life for children with heart transplants. You can check out the website for more information on the charity HERE.

He will also be attending an event on February 15th that benefits Enduring Hearts. The 4th annual Bourbon Gala and Auction will be held at the Stave Room in Atlanta. All proceeds will go towards Pediatric Heart Transplant Research. For tickets and information on the event, click HERE.