All The Feels: with Zeph and #RecessForAll

This incredible 4th grader is fighting to make recess accessible to all, but he needs your help!

January 26, 2018

This 9 year old wants to rally his community and he needs our help! In Lilburn, GA there's an elementary school, Arcado Elementary School, with students who can't participate in recess. It's an inclusive school, but their playground isn't accessible to students with disabilites and Zeph Everson, the kindest and most determined 4th grader we've ever met, is fighting to make things right! 

Zeph launched the movement #RecessForAll, so that he could raise the necessary $100,000 to make his school playground accessible to all. We can't do this alone, so please consider donating to his cause! Together we can make the community stronger and better for everyone. Donate HERE.

Listen to the full story, and share with friends. Use the hashtag #RecessForAll, you can check out the Recess For All Facebook page, as well as @RecessForAll on Twitter for more information.