All the Feels - July 20, 2016

Not all news is doom and gloom, so we want to give you the good news in our All the Feels segment.

July 20, 2016
All the Feels

We kicked off All the Feels with an inspirational story about a homeless teenager from Conyers, GA who biked over 6 hours to register for college. Fred Barley packed an overnight bag, grabbed his brother's bicycle, two gallons of water, & a tent to stay in overnight. He knew once he made it to Gordon College by bike he'd have to stay so he found a safe spot & set up camp for the night. When police found Fred sleeping in a tent, at first, he thought he was in trouble. When the cops heard Fred's story they paid for him to stay in a motel & word spread quickly throughout the town. People came together and helped Fred find a job & raised over $184,000 to help him pay for school and transportation. Talk about getting the feels!

We also talked about Lieutenant Colonel Charles Kettles who was awarded the Medal of Honor 49 years after he saved 44 lives in the Vietnam War. The story is incredible! Kettles returned to a combate zone FOUR times to save his comrades lives. How incredible!

We wrapped up All the Feels with a story from a children's hospital at the University of Michigan that's using Pokemon GO! to get kids moving around & socializing more. They have 'Pokestops' inside the hospital so kids can play even if they can't go outside. Now that's giving us the feels!