All The Feels: Helping Our Neighbors in Fayetteville

UPDATE: After seeing the support one local police officer gave, a community rallied and are changing lives.

October 4, 2018

UPDATE: People are incredible! After hearing of this family's story, the community knew there was so much more they could do. Jeff updated us today on yesterday's All The Feels (see below) and now there is a gofundme set up to help this amazing family get back on their feet and have a roof over their heads. "Joe is Marine veteran with a full time job. They belong to church community. They are a loving family. 
The most immediate need is funding to get a roof over this family's head. Donations of "things" will be 100% appreciated but the first priority is housing.  Please consider helping this sweet family and sharing this page so we can get them out of their car and into a safe, comfortable home." Check out the gofundme page HERE

When OIC Spencer of the Jonseboro police department pulled over a family yesterday she discovered the family was homeless and they were using their car as a temporary home. She determened that writing a citation would do nothing to help the family and decided to purchase vehicle issurance and also lunch for the family. 

You can find the whole story here!