All the Feels - August 11, 2016

Not all news is doom and gloom, so we want to give you the good news in our All the Feels segment.

August 11, 2016
All the Feels

Feel like the world's been a bit too selfish lately? These stories of selflessness might be exactly what you need.  A struggling mother in Dallas got the surprise of a lifetime from a jeweler when she told him that she needed to sell a gift from her mother because she needed to pay bills. He asked her how much she wanted for it, gave her the cash, and then also returned the jewelry!

When 65 year old Brenda Jones was told the transplant liver she needed finally came, she knew that a younger woman needed the liver or she would die. So, she selflessly gave that woman the liver, and she herself received a liver not long after. Give it a listen, and feel your faith in the world restored!