All The Feels!

This pie guy is making a sweet difference.

September 21, 2018

Michael met Jenn at one of his favorite restaurants, Davio's, a few months ago while we were hosting an event to raise money for Reese's MaGIC Fund. After he met Jenn and heard about Reese's story, he decided he wanted to help however he could. 

Michael wanted to find a way to use his passion to help. He loves to bake desserts (his favorite is key lime pie), and he's been baking for years for his friends, family and colleagues. After he decided he wanted to give to to Reese's MaGIC Fund, he saw that this was his chance. 

Michael said that he had just started reaching out to people he knew, telling them "think about making a donation, and there's a possibility of a key lime pie showing up at your door if you do." 

After all his efforts, Michael reaised and donated over $600 to Reese's MaGIC Fund just from homemade baking! 

He says he just loves baking and a good cause, and that he can't wait to bring us a pie, too!