All the Feels – July 6, 2016

Not all news is doom and gloom, so we want to give you the good news in our All the Feels segment.

July 6, 2016
All the Feels

A guy in Memphis was at a grocery store when a 16 year old went up to him and said he’d carry his bags to his car if he buys him a box of donuts. After talking with the kid, the man found out his mom is disabled and their house didn’t have a ton of furniture or food in the fridge. He was so inspired by the kid that he started a GoFundMe page for him, and the page has raised over $250,000!

A woman in Pittsburgh, Julie Nixon, just married her boyfriend and were going to their hotel after the reception when she heard someone yelling for help with CPR. Julie is a nurse, so she started CPR in her wedding gown! She said she was glad she only had one glass of champagne at her reception.

Matt C. is in studio with us for All the Feels to talk about an event this Saturday. May was a rough month for his family and him, his father passed away and his wife had a miscarriage all in the span of two weeks. It was hard to talk to his 4 year old son about, so they were looking for a way to put some positivity back out in the world. His son understands wishes, so they are taking a whole jar of pennies to the fountain at Marietta Square this Saturday and giving them away so people can make their own free wish.