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December 11, 2018


Part of the reason we created the Jeff and Jenn Show was to embrace imperfection and awkwardness!

Real life happens without filters, and we wanted to use our lives as reminders of that on the air.

We left the cool kids table to start our own 'thing' of NOT SO COOL KIDS, and for the past few years, we shared our faults and flaws and tried to prove that no matter how unique you are... someone understands you and there is probably somebody just like you in our growing framily. We crossed our fingers and hoped people would embrace this crazy idea. 

And now that we have (drum roll) ELEVEN people on board... we thought it was time to get organized.

We want to plan NOT SO COOL events and reward you with NOT SO COOL prizes and share NOT SO COOL news.

So if you are proudly one of the NOT SO COOL KIDS, let's make this official.

We're so glad you're at our table.

Jeff and Jenn