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Tyler Perry Talks Boo 2 And Motivation With Jeff Dauler!

Jeff Dauler sat down with his buddy Tyler Perry to talk about the new movie "Tyler Perry's Boo! 2 - A Madea Halloween". Tyler tells Jeff, "When you find someone that just has "it", you bring that person onto the team. That's how we built this organization and this crew." And Tyler's team has been... Read More

The Albuquerque Mystery

Jeff was in Albuquerque with Callie for Callie's grandmother's funeral, and they were having trouble locating 2 invited guests...or were they? The Albuquerque Mystery Read More

The Senate Practical Joke (We Hope) Continues...

The Jeff & Jenn Show was officially recognized at the Georgia State Senate on Wednesday for all of the work we've accomplished over this past year, but we think we must've gotten pranked at the same time. To make matters worse, Jeff was confronted about it in Publix yesterday and it hilariously... Read More

Callie Shows Us Kindness Costs Nothing

This weekend, Jeff and his wife Callie were caught in a moment where most people wish they did something, but never do. But what Callie does instead reminded us all that there's always a choice, and there's always room for empanthy and kindness. Read More

Jeff Took a Tour

It's an epidemic that's sweeping the nation, you need only look under your foot to know. Jeff recounts a harrowing tale from his weekend and it should be a warning to us all. Read More