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Creative Punishment

Some parents ground you, take away your phone, the normal stuff. Other parents will put margerine in your hair if you leave it out too many times.... What strange ways did your parents teach you a lesson? Read More

ConCon: the Convention Guessing Game

Producer Jeannine went to MomoCon this weekend! For anyone who doesn't know, it's a convention for all things Anime, Video Games, and more held in Downtown Altanta every year. This year, she asked attendees to describe a real or fake show, and now she's asking the team to guess which is which. Play... Read More

J9's Going to MomoCon

Jeannine is headed to MomoCon this weekend. If you didn't know, MomoCon is a convention to celebrate all things, animation, anime, video-game, and tabletop game related. And she'll be in cosplay too! Jeff had one request though for while she's there. J9's Going to MomoCon... Read More

Jeannine and Apricot's Adventures in Amsterdam

Our Producer Jeannine got the chance to travel to Amsterdam for a couple days, but she didn't go alone. Apricot the stuffed cat has gone on every trip with Jeannine for 14 years, and this time she made sure Apricot got to see some sights herself too. Jeannine and Apricot's Adventures in... Read More

What Makes You Feel Like a Boss?

Is there something you do or wear that makes you feel like you can accomplish anything? Our Producer Jeannine explains why, for her, it's a great pair of heels. Read More

Producer J9's First Appearance is Tomorrow!

Producer Jeannine has her very first radio remote appearance tomorrow (Saturday 3/24) and she has no idea what to expect while she's there. Obviously, Jeff & Jenn think this is hilarious. She'll (hopefully) be doing a great job though! At the Haverty's Outlet in Duluth tomorrow from 1pm-3pm... Read More
Dr. Preston Burke

A Cat Song for Dr. Preson Burke

Rachel called us hoping to surprise her sister Rebekah with a cat song for Dr. Preson Burke! The once-calm and collected kitten who went kitty-cray as soon as he was brought home. He's a total sock-licker, he's terrified of pillows, and he'll stick his paw in and out of open windows for hours. Time... Read More

Someone’s Christmas Tree is Still Up

Yeah, my tree’s still up. So what? And yeah, I totally am the one posting this blog. My Christmas tree is beautiful and will stand gloriously forever now. We got callers too so apparently I’m not alone. Keep those trees standing strong, my fellow lazy people! Christmas Tree is Still Up Read More