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Clean out the clutter in your house and make some cash along the way!

Turn Your Clutter Into Cash

February 19, 2019

If you've been bitten by the Marie Kondo bug, you're not alone! But before you donate all of your stuff, why not try selling it and get a little return on your decluttering investment?
Here are 5 sites/apps to use, other than eBay.

1- for old electronics: They’ll buy your old ipads, digital watches, computers, CD’s, DVD’s, and randomly Legos for $1/lb.
Don’t forget to clear any devices before shipping them off!

2- for gently used clothing: They will send you a bag, with pre-paid postage. You just fill ‘er up with gently used women’s and kid’s clothes, shoes, and handbags.
Then sit back and wait for your check to come in.

3- another clothing resale site that also takes men’s clothes as well as the baby toys your kids have out grown.

4- Letgo App: Use this app to sell to local buys for larger items like furniture and strollers, just be sure to meet up in safe place!

5- Amazon Seller App: Use this to sell your old books. Text books in particular can go for a good amount. Scan the book’s barcode and it will tell you how much you can sell it for.

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