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Get your weekend back and help save the environment!

August 13, 2018

How many hours of would be “free time” do you spend trying to organize all the piles of old bills and statements to make room in your family office or that infamous junk drawer? After a few paper cuts and several hours spent organizing the dates and accumulated bags of envelopes to throw awayyou are probably asking yourself why? 

Why not move to E billing on everything you can? It’s one thing, that is actually very easy to do by simply going to the company’s website and selecting no more paper statements and no more mailing checks etc…

Even worse, who wants to sit on the phone to make a payment and pay a service fee for paying over the phone? It’s a real thing if you can believe it and some of you are probably nodding your head in agreement that it’s kind of like throwing money away for no reason. Some companies call it a “convenience fee”.  It’s free to pay electronically and who knows how many trees you’ll save in the process.

Make the move today to E billing - it’s a sure thing to save the environment and save you money right now. Not to mention getting back precious free time trying to organize all that paper. 

Most companies have made it super simple to make the move away from traditional envelopes. Just go online and start signing up to make the switch. It’s one thing you can do today to help the environment while helping your sanity and bank balance!