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Are You in the Loop? Friday, August 16

Dale Earnhardt Jr and his family survived a plane crash yesterday. All injuries are minor and everyone is okay. Full story HERE. Taylor Swift released a new song! She released her new song "Lover" that comes off of her title album that will be released next Friday! Check it out HERE. Miley Cyrus... Read More

Everyday Heroes: Collecting Gifts for Others

Your everyday hero is a fellow listener to Star 94.1! Dianne Williams is an ovarian cancer survivor. It was 13 years ago that she received high doses of chemotherapy for 6 months. She beat it! And in honor of that fight, Dianne and her friends collect gifts for children battling cancer at CHOA... Read More

At what celeb's wedding did Dan + Shay low-key perform Speechless?

It's pretty much everyone's dream-come-true to have Dan + Shay peform Speechless live at their wedding reception. Unless you just have no idea what romance is all about. That's about the only exception. However, this kind of thing can only happen for a priviledged few. What celebrity had the honor... Read More

Daily Inspo: Advice For Your Younger Self

Day 4: Jeannine's advice to her younger self Daily Inspo: Advice for Your Younger Self Day 3 : Mark's advice to his senior year self Daily Inspo: Advice For Your Younger Self Day 1 : Jenn's Advice to her 10th grade self Daily Inspo: Advice For Your Younger Self Read More

UPDATE: Group Therapy: I Hate My Coworker

UPDATE : Alexandra spoke to her boss! UPDATE: Group Therapy: I Hate My Coworker Her coworker is lazy, doesn't get things done on time, and always blames HER for them not being done right. She has a big secret about the coworker and she needs to know if she should tell her boss and maybe get her... Read More

Everyday Heroes: Saving a Coworkers Life with a Kidney Donation

Two women who work together in a Fayette County school say they now feel like sisters because one is getting a kidney while the other is giving it. Crabapple Lane Elem. Assistant Principal Erin Yocom has a rare kidney disease and in desperate need of a transplant, so TA Rebecca Niederfringer came... Read More