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Toy Story 4

SCREENSHOTS: Watch the First Full Trailer for 'Toy Story 4'

Old friends are found and new friends are literally made in the first official trailer for Toy Story 4 . Introducing Forky, created by Bonnie and played by Tony Hale . The arts and crafts playmate steals the spotlight from the other toys, but when Forky goes missing, Woody is there to lead the... Read More

What the Florida

Florida groom spends wedding night in jail. He punched a beach-goer after they were in the way of the wedding pics! Full story HERE. Florida man finds iguana in toilet! He ended up calling 911 but was told they don’t handle those situations. Firemen showed up to remove the iguana. Full story HERE... Read More

Jeff's Weight Loss Journey

UPDATE: We asked the first round of Jeff's questions. Jeff's Weight Loss Journey UPDATE: We're holding him to it! Jeff's Weight Loss Journey Jeff is starting a weight loss journey and this is his promise to stick with it!... Read More

Are You in the Loop? Tuesday, March 19

Tyler Perry helps save local family. After losing their mother, these children were about to lose their home as well. Tyler Perry stepped up and help them out. Full story HERE. Ariana Grande fans can register to vote at her US concerts. She's teaming up with a group named Head Count and a table... Read More