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Group Therapy: The Risque Costume

Do you have a past profession that you're mot so proud of? What if one of your kids dug up an old outfit from your past life and wanted to use it to dress up in for Halloween? Jeri used to be a professional dancer in a past life. It's not something that she is ashamed of, nor should she be. Jeri... Read More

Group Therapy: When The Ex Reaches Out

In today's Group Therapy, Mark calls Jenn out about a situation that she has mentioned previously: her ex husband reached out to her in with a late night email. Should she respond? Would you? The friends offer advice to Jenn with this sticky situation... Group Therapy: When The Ex Reaches Out pt 2 Read More

Group Therapy: Not a Fan of Your Friends

Jenn has a friend that's in a relatively new relationship and things were going very well... until she met his friends. Just a simple tailgate and football game turned in to a frat party! She has nothing against partying, but beer bongs and funnels in your 30s? For her it was a bit much, so what... Read More

Everyday Heroes: Gamers For Good Causes

One famous gamer/streamer, Markiplier, changed the lives of a dozen gamers and countless charities, including one of our listeners right here in Atlanta! Last week, a famous gamer named Markiplier, who has over 24 million Youtube subscribers, decided to "crash" the streams of other random gamers... Read More

Now You're In The Loop!

Today's news stories include Taylor Swift's most recent visit to Jimmy Fallon including him showing a hilariuos video od a post-op medicated Tay looking for a snack, and Joaquin recently visited Jimmy Kimmel to talk about his new movie 'Joker'. https://... Read More

Group Therapy: My Dog Is My Baby!

Do you have pets? How about children? Both? Which came first? Stacey is about to bring a child in to the world but is afraid that her dog will take a back seat, and she feels bad. How would you handle this situation? Some families have no trouble with this situation, but others have actually given... Read More

Group Therapy: Divorce Is Cancelled

'Anonymous' emailed in that she and her husband were going through a rough patch and considering divorce. Then they met for lunch one day and decided to stick with their marriage because of their children. Was this the right thing to do if they no longer get along? Jenn and Friends provide advice... Read More