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sam collier

Group Therapy: "Together We Can Change This Country"

"I can't stop and tell you, but get in the car with me and I'll tell you on the way." As protests grow both around the country and here in Atlanta, Jenn & Friends asked Atlanta Pastor Sam Collier to join us and provide our community with insight and guidance. --- Sam Colier is a pastor, speaker... Read More

Group Therapy: Too Soon To Go Out?

Mark's wife is feeling perfectly fine waiting things out, and staying home and staying safe. Mark, however, can't wait to go out with her again! Is there a way to find a compromise? Read More

Group Therapy: Quitting Smoking with Hypnosis

UPDATE: Curtis went to his first appointment on Friday! He played clips from his appointment, and we heard from Hypnotherapist Sean Wheeler about what it will be like and how it's able to help so many people. If you would like more information about Sean Wheeler, or are interested in Hypnotherapy,... Read More

As Heard on Jenn & Friends: May 18th 2020

Goodwill will start accepting donations this week encouraging donors to come by but leave items in trunk and their staff will retrieve it on their own, hours vary by location so check before loading up. The Atlanta Botanical Garden has also announced they will be reopening... Read More
Dr. Darria

Group Therapy: Catching Up With Dr. Darria

Dr. Darria, ER doctor, TedTalk presenter, and friend of Jenn & Friends is back! We heard updates about COVID19, including the way it's been found to affect children, as well as your risks for long term affects and how you can handle Mother's Day safely. Read More
Learn how to make great drinks at home with Beau Johnson

Bartending With Beau: Make the Perfect Margarita at Home

I would typically be working three jobs this time of year, but due to the state of the world I'm at home only working one! I tend bar at both State Farm Arena and Truist Park, so until sports are back, we'll be making drinks from home! Join us every Friday on Facebook for the "Jenn and Friends... Read More