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THE SUGAR FIX With Dr. Darria

Consult your physician before making any heatlth or diet changes. Mark's Journal: I have struggled with my weight since I was in a kid. I would lose weight, but put it back, lose it again, but put it back, plus more. As I get older, keeping weight off is next to impossible, but it's time for me to... Read More

2 Second Tunes!

To celebrate Kidz Bop coming to the Roxy on November 22, we pit Curtis vs Madison James in a heated battle of 2 Second Tunes! Read More

Group Therapy: The Annoying Traveler

Do you travel often? Have you ever sat next to or travel with 'that' person? You know: the guy that has to stop all of the time in the car, or the girl that talks your ear off on the plane. Who is the most annoying person to travel with? Let's talk about it in Group Therapy... Read More

Group Therapy: How do You Know That the Thrill Gone?

Do you use the restroom in front of your spouse or signifigant other? If you do, does this mean that the 'thrill' or 'schmoopy', as Mark puts it, is gone? What are some other signs that the thrill is gone? We got an email from one of our friends that could use som eGroup Therapy on this... Read More

2 Second Tunes!

To celebrate an Ariana Grande winning weekend, Mark and Curtis play '2 Second Tunes'! They'll get only 2 seconds of an Ariana Grande hit to buzz in and make a guess. Read More

Group Therapy: You Threw a Party for What?!

Have you ever been invited to a party with a bizarre theme? Jenn got ivited to a 'frozen egg' party recently, where the party planner wants to celebrate the fact that she has successfully frozen her eggs for future child birth, and can now have a few drinks. Sounds like a cute idea, right? She's... Read More

Giveback Giveaway Finalist #5: Palmer Middle School

Giveback Giveaway finalist #5 is 'A Holiday To Remember for Cavalry Kids' from Palmer Middle School in Cobb County! AVID students at Malmer Middle School, inspired by 8th grade AVID leader Jarrett, started an Angel Tree to support the Calvary Children's Home. AVID students and parents and the... Read More

Group Therapy: The Birthday Breakup

Do you have a bad breakup story? Will it beat being broken up with on you birthday?! Jenn has a friend that this actually happened to, and she let us share her story. As it turns out, it seems that almost everyone has a breakup story that they need a little Group Therapy for... Read More

Giveback Giveaway Finalist #4: Sequoyah Middle School

Our 4th finalists for Giveback Giveaway are 6th grade ESOL and FBLA groups from Sequoyah Middle School in Dekalb County represented by Stephon Rivas. The ESOL group believe in teaching philanthropy to all students, and the ability it has to create good habits and kind people by starting at an early... Read More

5 Second Rule!

Mark faces off against Curtis in this heated trivia game where they get 5 seconds to give as many answers as possible. Read More