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Jenn's Parenting Question

Jenn says she doesn't like the baby stage of her children's lives as much as she likes the stage they're in now. Is this a normal thing for a parent to feel? Read More

Betting With A Spouse

Jeff's friend made a bet with his wife (a hairdresser) that he can cut someone's hair just as well as she can. So we asked, have you ever made a bet with your spouse? Read More

Confess Your Crush: Drew and Maggie

Maggie fired Drew, and he sees this as the perfect opportunity to confess his crush to her! But just wait until you find out WHY she fired him... Confess Your Crush: Drew and Maggie Read More

Are You In The Loop? Wednesday, Jan. 23

The coldest air in YEARS is coming next week. The weather is cold but only getting colder. Info HERE . Oscar nominations. Black Panther and First Man both recieved multiple nominations and were filmed in Gergia. Full list HERE . Ariana Grande's new album is coming. She released her tracklist for... Read More
The Revivalists

Watch The Revivalists Turn "Change" Into an Acoustic Jam

Like many rock bands, The Revivalists had to pay their dues with blood, sweat and extensive touring until they broke through to the masses. Their 2016 hit single “Wish I Knew You” expanded their fan base, and the 8-piece from New Orleans came back even stronger and more polished on 2018’s Take Good... Read More