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Alton Brown

Everyday Heroes: Alton Brown Is Giving Time

Food Network star Alton Brown is working with Atlanta's own Crown & Caliber to raise money for The Giving Kitchen! Alton has donated two of his prized timepieces to be included in Giving Time, an ongoing auction hosted by Crown & Caliber. The Giving Kitchen provides emergency assistance to... Read More

Quarantine Cuisine with Jenn & friends

Try Jenn's "Jenn-chiladas": Try Mark's "Sweet OR Sour Chicken": Mix brown sugar, black pepper, salt and/or favorite chicken seasonings. Add 1 1/2 cups (depending on the size of your chicken breast) of pickle juice. Submerge chicken and let sit for 1-2 hours in fridge. Before grilling, dry off... Read More
Andy's Pandemic Podcast! New Episodes

Andy's Pandemic Podcast

Ep. 2 - Last Plane out of Wuhan, China. In this episode, we're hanging out with Nancy Ballard. She Flew into Wuhan, China just days before the entire city was forced to shut down. Once the gates closed it became a race against time for Nancy to get back home to America. On the plane ride heading... Read More
julia rhee

Your Positive Athlete: Meet Julia Rhee

Meet Julia Rhee from The Westminster School in Fulton County. Julia's ability to go above and beyond both athletically and academically is already impressive enough, from leading her teams to studying concussion science at Georgia Tech. But what's even more impressive is her ability to see a need... Read More
Dr. Darria Helps Us Understand Coronavirus COVID-19

Dr. Darria Joins Jenn & Friends to talk Coronavirus

Dr. Darria Long is a Harvard and Yale trained, board certified ER Doctor, TV regular on CNN, and host of her own “Ted Talk”. Dr. Darria joins Jenn and Friends to field questions about Coronavirus COVID-19. Follow Dr. Darria on social media, and send her your questions! @DrDarria on Instagram, or @... Read More

Your Positive Athlete: Meet Daija Carr

Meet Daija Carr from Columbia High School in Dekalb County. Daija's been a leader in her community for quite some time now, on and off the court. She's an impressive basketball player and an accomplished student, but what's more is how she's leading the way for the younger generation. She created a... Read More
Andy's Pandemic Podcast!

And'y Pandemic Podcast!

Episode one is now available! Today we're in Wuhan, China talking with Alex Ballard. Alex and his wife have been quarantined inside their apartment for about 7 weeks now. SEVEN WEEKS! Sounds like Cabin Fever might be knocking at the door. Thank God for Scotch. This story is so insane. His Mother... Read More

Your Positive Athlete: Meet Nikholas Hackett

Meet Nikholas "The Dragon" Hackett from Mundy's Mill High School in Clayton County. Nikholas was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3, and since then he's approached every step with discipline and understanding. His ability to adapt and overcome what what might hold others back, and then continue... Read More
Frank Zhou

Your Positive Athlete: Meet Frank Zhou

Meet Frank Zhou from North Gwinnett High School. He's no stranger to staying positive, and has used his positive energy not only to help the community, but to help internationally as well. From volunteering here for Relay for Life, to volunteering in a youth hospital in China, Frank knows how much... Read More