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Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams reveals she's in addiction recovery center

What we don't know is if she was planning to come forward with it or was pressed to address it before a British tabloid was going to reveal it, but on today's Wendy Williams Show, she addressed her studio and TV audience to reveal that she's living in a "sober house" to help her overcome an... Read More
Bird Box Sequel

Is a 'Bird Box' Sequel Coming Soon?

Is there more to see from the world of Bird Box ? The Netflix film which became a phenomenon earlier this year, broke streaming records for the service, launched a thousand memes , and created a dangerously ridiculous challenge . With over 45 million accounts watching the film in the first seven... Read More
Toy Story 4

SCREENSHOTS: Watch the First Full Trailer for 'Toy Story 4'

Old friends are found and new friends are literally made in the first official trailer for Toy Story 4 . Introducing Forky, created by Bonnie and played by Tony Hale . The arts and crafts playmate steals the spotlight from the other toys, but when Forky goes missing, Woody is there to lead the... Read More

What the Florida

Florida groom spends wedding night in jail. He punched a beach-goer after they were in the way of the wedding pics! Full story HERE. Florida man finds iguana in toilet! He ended up calling 911 but was told they don’t handle those situations. Firemen showed up to remove the iguana. Full story HERE... Read More